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SpineCor scoliosis brace for All Ages

SpineCor Scoliosis Brace for all ages

Looking for alternative scoliosis treatment in Ft. Lauderdale Florida?

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Scoliosis Brace

The standard for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis treatment in the US is bracing, but not all scoliosis braces are the same. Most scoliosis braces immobilize the body like a body cast and can cause muscle atrophy. Only one moves with the body and can actually help permanently reduce your scoliosis curvatures. That dynamic scoliosis brace is called SpineCor.

Ashley Argota plays Lulu on Nickelodeon’s “True Jackson VP” is a patient of ours. She discusses her success with her scoliosis using the SpineCor brace and our Schroth Method scoliosis exercises. Listen to what she said:

People with Scoliosis

Over 70 of our other patient’s of all ages have had similar results they shared with our scoliosis treatments in Ft. Lauderdale and many of them are listed on our YouTube Channel. Click on this link and hear what they have to say about their treatment with our scoliosis systems at SpineCor South Florida.

Scoliosis Causes

With scoliosis the patterns of movement of your body largely determine if the curvature of the spine will gradually worsen. Scoliosis is a rotation dysfunction of the body and if this pattern is allowed to stay maintained there is a great chance that the curvatures will progress because they become further ingrained in the nervous system with your continued abnormal movement patterns and results in imbalanced muscles in the body on one side to become taut and shortened while muscles on the other side becoming overly lengthened and inept.

Also, these muscular imbalances cause the connective tissues surrounding them to adaptively shortening or lengthening which further adding to the dysfunctional movement patterns. This vicious cycle must be broken with appropriate scoliosis treatment if there is a hope of ceasing further dysfunction.

These patterns are different to each individual, so there is no non “one size fits all” scoliosis treatment. They must be individually addressed and countered in order to stop or reverse the development of the curves.
Avoid Scoliosis Surgery

Early intervention is the key to stopping the progression or even reversing the scoliosis curvatures to be able to avoid scoliosis surgery.
Although there are many different types of physical therapy and exercise programs for scoliosis most of them have a limited 2-dimensional approach of the spine. They fail to address the unseen rotational element present in scoliosis and because of this they are doomed to failure. A 3-dimensional treatment method is needed to achieve correction with scoliosis.

Scoliosis Exercises

Schroth Method is a scientifically tested, scoliosis specific exercise program designed to help patients successfully manage their curvatures to avoid the need for scoliosis surgery or rigid bracing.

Originally developed by Katharina Schroth at the Schroth Institute in Germany as an intensive, therapist guided 3-dimensional treatment to diminish the rotation dysfunction of the spine by remodeling the ribcage and reduce the deformity of the scoliosis.

It takes a specially trained therapist to properly teach a patient to re-establishing normal locomotion patterns in the body to affect a positive change in the curvature. Our doctors are Schroth Certified Instructors and trough static and dynamic postural reeducation they are able to help you incite the body’s reflex systems through a properly applied exercise program is usually able to stop the progression or even reverse the curvatures in scoliosis.

SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

To assist with this postural re-patterning of the body we also utilize a dynamic tension brace as part of our scoliosis treatment in Miami to help with correction while a patient is going through their activities of normal daily living.

SpineCor is the amazing “un-Brace” for Scoliosis is unlike traditional rigid scoliosis braces that act like body casts by statically holding the body in one position. When any part of the body is casted for an extended period of time, after the cast is removed there is usually some atrophy of the surrounding musculature. The same thing occurs with the spine. After a static brace has been removed there is often a worsening of the spine because the weakened muscles on the inside of the curvature are made even weaker by the immobility of the brace. Once removed, these weakened muscles do not function properly, causing further collapse of the curvatures.

With the SpineCor brace there is no muscle atrophy or side effects because it uses serves to strengthen the weakened muscles of the spine through corrective movement patterning while it’s being worn. That’s almost the equivalent of doing therapeutic exercises for 20 hours a day.

The SpineCor brace is a dynamic tension brace that requires a solid understanding of biomechanics, neurology and biophysics, because of this, the doctor who fits the brace should have a great deal of experience in art of fitting the brace appropriately. Our doctors are the most experienced SpineCor providers in the country and have helped thousands of scoliosis patients.

Also, because the SpineCor brace is easily hidden under the cloths, and allows for total freedom of movement, unlike static braces, the compliance with wear the brace among teenagers is far greater. This makes the post brace outcomes with the SpineCor brace extremely enduring. The SpineCor brace can be used for both adolescent and adult scoliosis treatment in Miami.
The foundation of any non-surgical scoliosis treatment approach should be the active restoration of the normal functional movement of the spine so utilization of a dynamic corrective brace, like SpineCor should be part of any scoliosis treatment program.


Most People agree that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result”. Doing nothing up to this point has resulted in the scoliosis progressing so isn’t it is insane to think that continuing to do nothing will stop the progression of your scoliosis?

Having the knowledge that scoliosis caught in it’s earlier stages is more easily treated should stir you into taking corrective action now, before it gets worse. Don’t just sit around and watch and wait for the scoliosis to get worse, find out if non-surgical scoliosis treatment may be right for you.

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