Scoliosis Treatment

Comprehensive Corrective Movement Scoliosis Treatment

In a comprehensive program of scoliosis treatment that follows a Corrective Movement Approach that combines the use of the Spine Cor dynamic scoliosis brace and the Schroth Method of scoliosis exercises.
Revolutionary Dynamic Corrective Movement Scoliosis Brace

In contrast to a rigid brace, the Spine Cor scoliosis brace allows a person to be treated without preventing normal daily activities. This innovative approach allows enjoyment of a dynamic range of activities while the dynamic elastic tension brace is correcting the curvatures by working with the body’s natural reflexes to improve muscle recruitment patterns to help to improve scoliosis symptoms.

It is the dynamic approach that makes the Spine Cor brace so different from all other hard scoliosis braces. Static braces work off a three point pressure principle that try to passively hold the body in a corrected position, much like a body case, causing weakness of the underlying muscles, but Spine Cor actually stimulates muscle control and proper recruitment patterns in correcting a scoliosis. The corrective movements result in spinal offloading and postural correction by patients own actions so it enables them to re-train strengthen their specifically weakened muscles instead of causing further atrophy of them by wearing a cumbersome and restrictive appliance.

Scoliosis “Specific” Exercises

To further balance muscular activity in the spine by enhancing proper muscle recruitment patterns we also use a series of “scoliosis specific exercises” called the Schroth Method. This is an highly specific series of postural and movement based exercise for the conservative management for scoliosis. It was originally developed in Germany in 1927 by a physiotherapist named Katharina Schroth for the treatment of her own scoliosis condition. Since then it has been steadily improved and updated and has become widely adopted as the treatment of choice for both mild and severe cases of scoliosis and was continually refined over the next 8 decades. It has become the premier treatment of scoliosis in Germany.

The Schroth Method exercises help the patient elongate the trunk and correct imbalances in the torso by use a specific directional breathing technique to help change the shape of the rib cage that has been distorted by scoliosis. In doing this they learn to recognize a corrected posture and how to expand their breath into the flattened areas of their back. This enhancement of their cognition of a new way of breathing results in a reorganization of their predominant motor patterns of respiration and movement of the torso.

In doing so it helps reduce the curvature by de-rotating the scoliosis in the specific direction of correction by helping the patient develop new breathing patterns designed to correct the biomechanical faults. This re-education of the patient’s neuromuscular system encourages new movement patterns that over time have been proven to help correct the underlying postural faults found in scoliosis and improve mobility, postural stability, cardiopulmonary function as well as diminishing pain.

By completing an intensive in office training in the Schroth Method of scoliosis exercise the patient is able to do them at home.
A key aspect of this instruction is to bring awareness of the patient to their old scoliosis movement patterns and the new corrected movements. The patients are instructed to keep the new perceptual changes of their body in their mind during and after the exercises to help establish a new body awareness. To enhance this further they also receive visual feed back with mirrors while performing the exercises. This helps them recognize their “old scoliosis postural alignment” and then with the assistance of a specially trained instructor they learn to self adjust their body mechanics to the ideal positioning. Repeat training is provided to help them develop a better sense of postural awareness and self correction as these exercises will be utilized as a lifetime management tool for Scoliosis.

The emphasis is for the patient to keep the conscious posture not only while they use the exercise program but during the entire course of their daily activities, from the time they get up in the morning to the time they go to bed. This is intended to become their new habitual posture forever.

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