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Spine Cor - Movement is LifeSpineCor – Movement is Life

Scoliosis is a deformity of the spine that can be congenital, or caused by a number of conditions. This condition usually affects children but can also carry on into adulthood. It is frequently first discovered in schools. The condition will progress, making the curvature of the spine greater, until it displaces internal organs and causes quite a lot of pain for the sufferer of scoliosis. It can also cause a hunched or humped appearance if left completely untreated.

Fortunately for most kids (and adults) today, there are several effective treatments for scoliosis. What treatment is chosen will depend on the degree of curvature of the spine of the child. If the degree is too high, the treatment that is often recommended is scoliosis is surgery. This type of treatment will fuse the spine, usually using metal bars and pins.

While the surgery can straighten the curvature of a spine, it has the potential for serious complications. This is also major surgery and carries inherent risks. Many people, especially parents of younger children who are yet reached skeletal maturity need alternative methods of treating childhood scoliosis.

Usually, this is done through dynamic bracing and specialized scoliosis exercises. Back braces have been around as a corrective way to adjust the curvature of the spine for a very long time. Traditional braces consist of a hard shell that immobilizes the torso and forces the spine to grow in a particular way. While these hard shell braces are effective, they also carry unwanted side effects.

Because the torso is not allowed to move, the child in question will experience atrophy of the skeletal muscles. The hard shell braces are particularly difficult to endure and can cause a lot of heartache for the children and the parents who have to make sure the children wear these for most part of the day. These braces can also cause loss of muscle control and can sometimes be less than effective.

Dynamic, flexible bracing, was the answer developed by a team of orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Christine Coillard and Dr. Charles Hilaire Rivard. Spine Cor Brace is a dynamic back brace constructed to allow maximum comfort and freedom of movement to the wearer. Because it is made of flexible components, this brace can be easily hidden underneath clothing.

The child in question can do a variety of normal, every day tasks, such as playing sports, playing outside, and attending social functions without drawing attention to the child’s scoliosis. The spine’s flexible nature and ease of wear mean that doctors can prescribe it far earlier in the child’s life and possibly eliminate the need for later surgery.

The secret to the Spine Cor’s effectiveness lies in the adjustable elastic bands that the brace is constructed from. These bands allow the doctors to tailor the treatment to the needs of a particular patient. The bands apply continuous, dynamic pressure on the spine, helping it to grow properly. The elastic components are connected to static components, helping to apply the proper amount of corrective force to the patient’s spine.

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